1999 Blackburn Literary Festival (Mar. 26-27, 1999)

Sharon Olds

Joyce Carol Oates
March 26, 1999 at 7:30pm
Rare Book Room in Perkins Library
“A mediated voice unmediated,” The Chronicle, 3/26/99

Marylin Chin
March 27, 1999 at 3pm
Thomas Reading Room of Lilly Library
“Marylin Chin,” The Chronicle, 3/26/99

About the Festival’s Featured Authors

Joyce Carol Oates, who will give the featured reading at this year’s Blackburn Literary Festival, is one of America’s foremost and most prolific authors. Having won the National Book Award at the early age of 31 for her novel Them, Oates went on to publish over 80 books in a variety of genres: novel, short story, poetry, drama, essay, criticism and anthology. Much of her work, such as her recent collection of short stories, The Collector of Hearts, deals with the violence inherent in the American national persona.


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